The Unheard is working towards building a safe place for communities that are constantly marginalised, discriminated, tortured, and persecuted. We believe in ensuring that the silenced voices are being heard. For too long these stories have been told by others, those who are observing, reporting the realities of Black lives. This has gone on too long and we creating the change. This platform will share and tell stories of the marginalised the way they want it to be heard. Storytelling is our tool to open up our voices, find resolution and cultivate understanding and  resilience. We are working to ensure that realities of abuse, neglect are being exposed so that we can work as a collective to shift that reality and bring joy.

Many people are unaware of the lives of marginalised communities in refugee camps in Europe, where several human rights infringements exist and gross violations of those same human rights are constantly happening, ranging from the poor treatment of asylum seekers to the extreme police brutality unleashed on our communities. Many people are also unaware of the way that those social structures, governmental systems operate and how those institutional and systemic structures are killing Black people. Black people who are disenfranchised because they do not have the privilege of a passport from a Western country. It is our responsibility to recognize what is happening to our people in these so called democratic countries that they run towards for safety.

We want to expose the reality of these forced migrants to encourage The Privileged to take actions and support those in need of help.

Join us in restoring some equity by directing our resources as the privileged into supporting the communities who have been some of the worst hit by inaccessibility. There is so much to be said in creating spaces for the most marginalised in society. It improves social cohesion, nourishing the natural and various connections that exist between people. We need to reengage using our privileges.

We want to restore and nourish the various connections that exist between people. We believe that unless everybody is living a joyful life none of us can really do so. So we are working to make sure that we all share that same privilege of abundant and free joy.

Because every person has the right of freedom, respect, equal opportunities, joy and of a safe space for themselves.