The magic menstrual cup

Sensible people, be careful – BLOOD WARNING

(I mainly mean guys, since everything including menstruation will easily put you off- If not, then you are more than welcome to stay and read through)

For so long, we’ve been told than when it comes to our period, there are only two options: the expensive pads or the expensive tampons. Some might argue that it’s actually quite affordable and that I have nothing to moan about. But if, like me, you’re on a strict budget every month, struggling to make ends meet, then that £10 can make a difference.

But it’s not only that. Are pads and tampons really the only options? And are they sustainable? The answer is no. But they are the more common ones: they generate profits.


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My month working in an organic horticulture farm in Germany

For one month and a half, this summer, I went to Albertshofen, a small village in the middle of Germany, Franconia, to work in an organic horticulture farm.



Albertshofen, Germany


When I was a kid, my mom never really had a taste for the outdoors. We grew up just outside of Paris. If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll know that it is not a place full of farms or huge fields or much green. We did have a garden at home, but with nothing much in it.

Coming from a big city (Paris, capital de la mode), I didn’t grow up with a taste of what living in the country side might be like, or smell like. Except this one day in primary school where they took us for a special day out in a farm (I remember that, for some of us, it was the first time seeing real cows, not on TV. How exciting !) There were cows, chickens, pigs, salads, plants, fruits ! And most of us had never smell something like that before.

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My afternoon volunteering with VinoKilo

Ever heard of the term sustainable fashion ?

This weekend, I volunteered with an organisation called VinoKilo, supporting the growing movement of sustainable fashion. They were holding an event in Wurzbourg, Germany, and needed some help setting up the event and making it a success. For every shift covered, they were offering 1.5kg of vintage clothes + some food. (I went home with way more than just 1.5kg, but lucky me I also did get a great discount for every kilos surplus hihi).

It was a nice afternoon spent dribbling in front of all the cool vintage clothes and accessories they have, and picking up the clothes we wanted to keep. But of course we also worked. Or at least try to.




The music was nice, as well as the atmosphere and the people. Our job consisted mostly on hanging the clothes, organising the place, sticking up posters and making the place friendly.

VinoKilo hold events all around Germany, but are also available online at If you want to have a glimpse at what they offer, they also have a cool Instagram page →Vinokilo (among really cute event organisers)


But what is sustainable fashion ?

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