My afternoon volunteering with VinoKilo

Ever heard of the term sustainable fashion ?

This weekend, I volunteered with an organisation called VinoKilo, supporting the growing movement of sustainable fashion. They were holding an event in Wurzbourg, Germany, and needed some help setting up the event and making it a success. For every shift covered, they were offering 1.5kg of vintage clothes + some food. (I went home with way more than just 1.5kg, but lucky me I also did get a great discount for every kilos surplus hihi).

It was a nice afternoon spent dribbling in front of all the cool vintage clothes and accessories they have, and picking up the clothes we wanted to keep. But of course we also worked. Or at least try to.




The music was nice, as well as the atmosphere and the people. Our job consisted mostly on hanging the clothes, organising the place, sticking up posters and making the place friendly.

VinoKilo hold events all around Germany, but are also available online at If you want to have a glimpse at what they offer, they also have a cool Instagram page →Vinokilo (among really cute event organisers)


But what is sustainable fashion ?

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