Travelling while studying

Travelling the world while being a full time student can sound a bit unrealistic. But for those like me with a big thirst for travel, well the good news is that it is absolutely possible.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has a travel bucket list. And even though the idea of travelling can be intimidating (although it is, more often than not, exciting) we all have places we want to see before it is too late. Personally, my bucket list is way too long, which means I had no choice but to start as soon as possible, while studying. And I don’t regret anything – even if often it means being quite broke – it’s worth the risk.

The basic musts for travelling are money and time. With university only taking up to three days of each week, you might have guessed that time is not the issue here. Because sadly I am not rich yet, well, you might have also guessed it, the issue is money.

Not everybody is a lucky student with a grant. I had to support myself alone and find my own ways to make money. But I never considered myself to be unlucky. Not having a loan while studying just meant I had to go with the cheapest option, since all the money was coming out of my pocket. So I became a low cost traveller. Being a low cost traveller means travelling for 36 hours to get to a destination that is usually accessible by direct plane in eight hours. It means not being scared of the option of hitchhiking, it means a lot of car share and so on. Most days it was tight but it never stopped me. Hell no.

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