The Biodiverse Development Foundation

Now and then, we all tend to forget about the importance of biodiversity, why it is essential for the preservation of every cultural and natural heritage, and for the protection of our unique ecosystems.

Put simply, biodiversity is the diversity of life on earth, it includes the variability among all living organisms, terrestrial, aquatic, and so on. Understanding how biodiversity works, the importance of every form of life on earth, from the wide range of plants to every animal species living in their natural environment, is essential for the improvement and conservation of human welfare. Such things as food security, improving nutrition, the air we breathe, the water we drink, all comes down to biodiversity.

And for Robert van de Griend, founder of the Biodiverse Development Foundation (BDF), conserving biodiversity is a priority.

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Zidicircle: Making investing in Africa simple

We met at the train station in the middle of Leer, a small Deutsch village near the German border. I was with my partner on our way back to our flat in Groningen. She was with her two little girls.

A nice coincidence.

Launching a business in the Netherlands that aims to make international capital accessible to entrepreneurs based in Africa through an online platform is quite an innovative challenge, but not an impossible one. Indeed, it is a challenge that Fridah Ntarangwi and her company, ZidiCircle, are willing to take.

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