4 benefits of having indoor plants

We can all agree with it: houseplants are pretty. They make your home feel more welcoming and give you a feeling of comfort. Having houseplants is like having pets all around. You can talk to them, look after them, and they keep you company. Plus, the greenie look is also becoming quite trendy.

Over the last few years, houseplants have made a big come back: they are everywhere.

But having indoor plants is not only good for decoration, it also happens to be really healthy. From boosting mood to improving the quality of the air, having plants can make you feel better. And since the hibernation season is back and heading outside sounds like a nightmare, having indoor plants will enable you to still enjoy the benefits of having nature around.

Plants make you breath easier

Plants can help balance the humidity level within your home. Most people forget that humidity plays an important part in the quality of air in interior settings. An environment that’s too moist can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold whilst an environment that’s too dry and low in humidity can cause ailments developing in your home. Dry, cracked skin or lips and dry sinuses are just a few of the health problems that can develop in low humidity. A balanced humidity helps keeping respiratory distresses away.

In addition to balancing humidity, plants remove toxins from the air, clearing away up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per day,  according to NASA research (for those who have no idea what VOCs are, well, all you need to remember is that they are bad for human health).

To breathe, our bodies inhale oxygen that it releases into carbon dioxide, plants recycle the carbon dioxide we exhale back into the oxygen via photosynthesis. Adding plants to your home will help increase oxygen levels.

By improving the air of your indoor environment in many ways, plants allow you to breath easier. Acting as a natural air purifier.

Plants help reducing stress and help improving health

Who doesn’t feel good when being offered a flowers bouquet?

We experience less stress when plants are around. Looking at plants can create a feeling of well being, just like being surrounded by nature can put you at ease. A 2008 study has showed that adding plants to hospital rooms helps keeping anxiety level down.

Stress and anxiety are everyday challenges, plants might not be the final answer but they will definitely provide you with some short term relaxation in your mind, and help reduce negative feelings. They will also help giving your home or workplace a stress-reducing atmosphere, more stimulating and interesting.

By having indoor plants, you can create a calming environment. Bring a touch of nature indoors that will help improve your health. And with summer gone, winter blues are back. So why not have a few plants to replace the sunshine ?

Plants can help with focus

You can only stare at a white wall for so long before your productivity decrease and you drive yourself crazy. Which is what most of us do when looking for inspiration. At least, with plants, you are looking at a piece of mother nature, which will keep your brain and attention going.

Adding plants to a work place can increase productivity and help you focus, according to Texas A&M University. A workplace filled with plants will feel like a more friendly environment, boosting the energy of the employees.

By adding plants in your workplace you can improve your workplace ergonomic. Workers reported more innovative and creative thinkings when they are surrounded by plants. Staring at some captivating flowers could help making your imagination go wild.

The Texas A&M University’s research also showed that caring for plants can help improve your empathy and your relationships. People who spend time carring for nature were more likely to care for others.

Plants make a good decoration

Indoor plants just have a way of making any interior feel radiant and lively. An indoor environment will always appear more attractive with houseplants. And with plants, you can add colours, life and style to even the most boring spaces.

Plants are affordable and fun to play with, you can have them lying around in gorgeous pots and beautiful containers, hang them up, add new layers to your decor. You can have branches here and there in glass vases, plants in jar glasses, or with interesting shapes.


Now, it’s up to you to find the plants that will fit the best in your own environment and transform it into something vibrant.

Published by

Ophélie Lawson

I am a passionate and creative young adult, dedicated to make this world a better place by sharing ideas, stories and projects committed to encourage a sustainable development. Enthusiastic and dedicated person from France with an excellent attitude to work, I have good communication skills. Using my journalistic expertise, my photography and story telling skills, as well as my curiosity, I travel the world looking for inspiring content to write about. And I am not scared of standing up for what I believe.

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